Notice and Instructions

Proceedings of WC Meeting dated 7-10-2015

Proceedings of the Working Committee meeting held on

7th November 2015 at Patna

The Folowing were present

President 1. Mr Anil Risal Singh

2. Mr Sushant Banerjee

3. Dr B.K.Sinha

4. Nr Amitabha Sil

5. Ms Tripti Roy

6. Mr Ramji Vyas

7. Teertha Dasgupta

8. Mrinal Bandyopadhyay

9. Mr Mahesh Aggarwal

Leave application was received from the following

1. Mr PSV Prabhoo

2. Mr CR Satyanarayan

3. Mr Vinay Parelkar

4. Mr Hanumantha Jois

Agenda no 1. The meeting was called to order by the president and he welcomed all the

members and the catalogue of our 1st circuit was presented to him and he praised the

efforts of the circuit committee and specially the hard work rendered by the printers M/S


Agenda no 2. Death of veteran photographer Mr Bhudeo Bhagat and Samir Kumar Bose

was condoled and members stood in silence for 1 minute in the memory of the departed


Agenda item no 3. Minutes of the previous WC meeting was read and unanimously passed

proposed by Amitabha Sil and seconded by Ramji Vyas

Agenda item no. 4. Various places with interest for landscape, nature and fashion

photography were discussed

Agenda item no 5. It was discussed the VF should be made of 24 pages as against the

current 16 pages. It was also suggested that a beginner’s section should be added.

Further it was planned to publish a composite copy of the series “ Legends of the past “. The

cost should be around Rs 125 per copy

Agenda item no 6. Mr Ramji Vyas apprised members regarding the progress made at

Udaipur. Hony Secretary told the members that he is himself planning for a visit to the lake

city for venue inspection.

Agenda item no. 7. FIP Circuit was discussed with a slight change in format. It was planned

to have slightly smaller catalogue so that it will be easier to hand held. The committee was

happy with the quality and it was decided to maintain the same quality Proposed by Tripti

Roy and seconded by Amitabha Sil

Agenda item no 8 Update of FIP data base. The hony secretary informed the members that

he is planning a visit to Kolkata with the printers and will have a meeting with our web

master Mr Mrinal Badyopadhyaya

Agenda item no 9 Agenda item no 11. Copy of the audited accounts were circulated by the

treasurer Mr Amitabha sil and was unanimously accepted as proposed by Mr Ramji Vyas

and seconded by Tripti Roy

Agenda item no. 10. Who’s who and star rating Mr Teerath Dasgupta informed the members

regarding the problems he was facing. Hony secretary assured him that sooner than later

EDAS submission will be mandatory for salon recognition.

The following criteria was laid down for star rating

*75 acceptances

** 200

*** 350

**** 650

***** 1200

It was discussed that division of Photo education should be started

Agenda item no 11. Website improvement was discussed and as earlier discussed Hony

Secretary informed about the visit he is planning to meet Mr Bandyopadhyaya in his office to

improve the web site. A print out was given to Mr. Bandyopadhya for making

correction to be done, by the president Mr. Anil Risal Singh

Agenda item no 12 FIP recognized courses and their fee Since most of the courses are

being organized in Kolkata only, a committee was made consisting of Vice president,

Treasurer and Mr Parthasarthi Sarkar to delve in to the matter and advise the committee

Agenda item no 13 FIAP nature biennial Treasurer informed the house that no account

closure report has been received by him or Hony Secretary. President expressed his

displeasure for the undue delay and requested all members to use their influence and to see

that the account is closed. undue delay, Vice President, Treasurer and other WC

members also showed their concern regarding non-submission of accounts.

Treasurer Mr. Amitabha Sil also point it out that out of Rupees Five Lakh loan

given to the organizers of 17th FIAP Nature Biennial 2014, only Rupees Four

Lakhs were given back by them, it was also pointed out that accounts of 15th

FIAP Nature Biennial 2012 were also not submitted, although

Mr.S.R.Sathyanarayana at Varanasi working committee meeting promised that it

will be submitted soon. It was requested all members to use their influence and to

Agenda item no 14 Any other matter

It was discuused that FIP should be registered as a trust rather than a society. Mr Amitabha

Sil promised to discuss that matter with our CA Mr Sen There was also discussion

regarding some amendments such as provision of disciplinary action etc. in the

present constitution of FIP.

It was proposed by hony secretary and seconded by treasurer that all new clubs must be a

registered body from their state government.

Newly registered clubs must first organize three national salons before they will be allowed

to organize an international

Any club or group can only organize one International salon only in a calendar

year. Participating clubs in a circuit are also bound by this.

FIP should its own medal which will be purchased by all organisers on mandatory basis

FIP should organize ‘ Judging workshops “

2nd AC travelling allowance for all wc members when travelling for FIP. Air fare if the

travelling time is more than 36 hrs

Salon Recognition fee Natinals Rs 500/-, International Rs 2000/-

For Workshops the WC committee members will only pay 75% of the fee.

Rs 15000/- to be paid to Agra team as a full and final payment regarding the outstandings

following Agra workshop.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms Tripti Roy

Thanking you with a request to be at Udaipur on the 6th of December 2016 for our next WC


Barun Sinha

Hony Secretary General